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Flux-Coated Low Fuming Bronze Filler Welding Rod
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Flux-Coated Low Fuming Bronze Filler Welding Rod

  • Flux-Coated Low Fuming Bronze Filler Welding Rod(Image 1)

 Flux- Coated Low Fuming Bronze Filler Welding Rod

  • General purpose rods from braze welding steel, cast iron, malleable iron and some nickel alloys
  • Commonly used for fusion welding of brass, bronze and copper alloys as well as for building up wearing surfaces
  • Excellent choice for rush jobs or temporary applications involving dissimilar metals or where rust is present
  • Precisely formulated chemical balance of copper and zinc as well as alloying elements of tin, iron and manganese produce high strength, ductile and sould weld deposits that can be easily machined and work harden once put into service
  • Use a slightly oxidizing flame for braze-welding and build up applications
  • Use a neutral flame for fusion welding
  • Excellent color matches on yellow brass and bronze castings

When using this product, additional flux is not necessary. Removal of flux residue between passes is also not necessary. Allow the part to cool slowly and remove slag with a chipping hammer and wire brush.

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