Miller 200 Multiprocess Welder

Miller 200 Multiprocess Welder 1

Miller 200 Multiprocess Welder

MILL 907518

Miller Multimatic


  • Multimatic 200
  • 10-ft. (3m) MDX 250 MIG gun
  • 13-ft (4m) lead with electrode holder and 25-mm Dinse connector
  • 10-ft (3m) work lead with clamp and 25-mm Dinse connector
  • Argon and AR/CO2 mix regulator/flow gauge with 12-ft (3.7 m) hose
  • Power cord and MVP plugs for 120 and 240 V
  • Quick Select drive roll for .024 in (0.6 mm) or .030/.035 in (0.8/0.9mm) solid wire, and .030/.035 (0.8/0.9 mm) flux cored wire
  • Two contact tips for .030-in (0.8 mm) wire, and two contact tips for .035-in (0.9 mm) wire
  • Materiall thickness guage #229895
  • Information/settings chart and quick setup guide

Not Included

  • Multimatic 200 DC TIG Kit #301287
  • Shielding gas for welding with solid wire (GMAW)
  • Spool Gun for welding aluminum
  • Small Running Gear/Cart
  • Welding Wire
  • Personal safety products (helmet, gloves)


  • Multiprocess Capabilities- MIG, flux-cored, DC stick and DC TIG processes, allowing you to build your skills
  • Auto-Set Elite- Auto-set Elite can be used on multiple materials and multiple processes with the ability to fine-tune you settings. Simple to set up and use!
  • Inverter Technology- Inverter Technology combines best-in-class arc characteristics with the portability of a 29-pound machine. The arc is extremely forgiving to variations in arc length and travel speeds.
  • Ultimate Durability- The Multimatic 200's impact-resistant case provides strength and durability, protecting the internal components and welding wire.
  • Excellent Arc Characteristics- Multimatic 200 offers positive arc starts and an extremely stable arc with minimal spatter on both mixed gases and straight CO2
  • Plugs in Anywhere- Multi-voltage plug (MVP) allows you to connect to common 120 or 230 V power receptacles without the use of any tools- choose the plug that fits the receptacle and connect it to the power cord
  • Simple Aluminum Solutions- Direct-connect spool guns are a reliable and economical solution for welding aluminum
  • TIG COntractor Kit- The Mulitmatic 200 DC TIG Contractor Kit give you everything you need for remote DC TIG welding with the Multimatic 200
  • Fan-On-Demand- Miller's Fan-On-Demand technology operates only when needed reducing noise, power consumption and the amount of airborne contaminants pulled through the machine
  • Miller's Auto-Line Technology- Provides state-of-the-art flexibility, automatically connecting to 120 or 230 VAC, single-phase power without removing the cover to re-link the power source.

General Specifications

  • Industries Interests- Racing/Customizin/Restoring, DIY/Home Hobbyist, Farm and Ranch, Metal Art/Sculptures, Manufactoring
  • Weldable Metals- Stainless Steel, Steel, Aluminum
  • Input Voltage- 110/115/120 V, 220/230/240 V
  • Input Phase- 1-Phase
  • Input Hz- 50/60 Hz
  • Current Type- DC
  • Max Open Circuit Voltage- 90 VDC
  • Wire Feed Speed- 1.8 m/min- 10.8 m/min, 70 IPM-425IPM
  • Portability- Handle(s)
  • Weld output- CC/CV
  • Net Width- 9.75 in
  • Net Height- 14.5 in
  • Net Length- 17 in
  • Net Weight- 29 lbs
  • Warranty- 3 Years

Due to this product's shipping weight and fluctuating freight costs, please call us to order. 325-651-1408

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