Miller Blue Star 185 (Kohler)

Miller Blue Star 185 (Kohler) 1

Miller Blue Star 185 (Kohler)

MILL 907664

Miller Blue Star 185(Kohler)

Reliable outdoor power! Great for farm, ranch, maintenance, and hobbyist.


  • Compact and Portals: Its small foot print and light weight mean it takes up little truck space and is easy to move around. Optional running gear also makes the Blue Star one-man portable.
  • Key Features: Includes electric start, 120 VAC GFCI and 240 VAC receptacles, auto-idle, 6.25-gallon fuel capacity and engine hour meter.
  • Accu-Rated-Not Inflated Generator Power: Miller provides the strongest and most reliable generator power. Our Accu-Rated, not inflated, standard for measuring generator power guarantees delivery of all the power guarantees delivery of all power the machine promises.
  • Strongest Power in its Class: Weld and generator outputs exceed all other machines in this class. All of Miller's weld and generator outputs are rated at 104F (40C) to ensure maximum performance throughout the work day.
  • Not Included:
    • Weld Leads

General Specifications:

  • Title: Blue Star 185 (Kohler)
  • Industries Interests: DIY/Home Hobbyist, Farm and Ranch, Maintenance and Repair- Field Operations, Work/Service Trucks
  • Engine Brand: Kohler
  • Engine Idle Speed: 2500 RPM
  • Engine Weld Speed: 3600 RPM
  • Fuel Tank Size: 6.25 Gallon
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Horsepower: 13.4 hp
  • Weldable Metals: Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Rated Output: CC/DC, Stick/TIG 185 A at 25 V, 20% duty cycle, 150 A at 25 V, 100% duty cycle
  • Single Phase Generator Continuous Power: 6200 W
  • Single Phase Generator Peak Power: 6500 W
  • Current Type: DC
  • Amperage Range: 60-195  
  • Portability: Lift Eye (Optional), Running Gear/Cart (Optional)
  • Weld Output: CC
  • Net Width: 20.625 in
  • Net Height: 24.75 in
  • Net Length: 31.25 in
  • Net Weight: 296 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Due to this product's shipping weight and fluctuating freight costs, please call us to order. 325-651-1408

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