Miller XR-Aluma-Pro

Miller XR-Aluma-Pro 1

Miller XR-Aluma-Pro

MILL 300001

Miller XR-Aluma-Pro

Robust professional-grade gun has the highest duty cycle rating in its class.


  • Higher Amperage Capacity- Offers larger amperage range and duty cycle for heavy industrial welding.
  • Best Feeding Performance- Dual wire tension settings for 4000- or 5000 series aluminum to ensure the very best wire feeding performance and arc consistency.
  • Heavy-duty Construction- All internal components are designed to provide long lasting performance and feeding precision.
  • Replaceable Feed Cable Liner- Designed to provide consistent arc performance. It also reduces parts cost and service time by allowing a simple means of removing and replacing liner and not the complete feed cable.
  • Reduce Service Time- Easy access to drive assembly and removable toolless  head tube reduce service time, by allowing a simple means of changing drive rolls and head tube- or performing routine maintenence without disassembly of gun.
  • Trigger Hold- Reduce fatigue by allowing operators to weld without holding gun trigger. (feature available when paired with XR-Controls or XR-Alumafeed.)
  • Multiple Configurations- Threded quick-change 360-degree rotatable head tubes are available in different bends and lengths for even those hard-to-reach welds. Over 30 different styles to fit your application and welder's preference. Available in air-or water-cooled versions with 15, 25, or 35 ft (4.6,7.6, or 10.6 m) cable lengths.
  • Complete Your System- XR-Aluma-Pro guns work in conjunction with XR-Control or XR-Alumafeed wire feeders and Millermatic 350P power sources to provide the best solution for push-pull applications.

General Specifications

  • Title- XR-Aluma-Pro 25ft Air
  • Industries Interests- Manufactoring, Railcar, Shipbuilding
  • Amperage Rated Output- 300=100%
  • Cable Length- 25 ft
  • Head Angle- 60 degree
  • Torch Handle Type- Gooseneck
  • Torches Type- Push Pull
  • Wire Size- .030-1/16
  • Portability- Handle(s)
  • Net Width- 2.5 in
  • Net Height- 2.5 in
  • Net Length- 17 in
  • Net Weight- 2.5lbs
  • Warranty- 1 Year
  • Miller XR-Aluma-Pro 2