Schaeffer #233 Wet-Sol Concentrate

Schaeffer #233 Wet-Sol Concentrate 1

Schaeffer #233 Wet-Sol Concentrate

Schaeffer #233 Wet-Sol Concentrate

Wet-Sol Concentrate is a biodegradeable, non-ionic surfactant that aids irrigation and weed control. Wet-Sol Concentrate is used to enhance the performance of agriculture herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides which call for the addition of surfactants. Wet-Sol Concentrate provides quick wetting, more uniform coverage and increased penetration of sprays. Wet-Sol Concentrate's cleaning ability makes it ideal for use with hard-to-manage herbicides; applicator clean-up is simplified greatly when Wet-Sol Concentrate is used. Wet-Sol Concentrate also contains anti-foaming agents.

For use as a Soil Penetrant - For Spray irrigation Wet-Sol Concentrate may be injected into the spray equipment at the rate of two (2) quarts per acre

For General Herbicide Wetting - Use one (1) pint Wet-Sol Concentrate per acre

For use as a Spreader-Sticker - Wet-Sol Concentrate is effective at one (1) pint per one hundred gallons of spray. For specific rates, refer to product labels. When spraying mature weeds or when hard water is used, the higher rates are recommended.

The user must have experience in mixing and handling solutions to which Wet-Sol Concentrate is added. The user should conduct a compatibility test of the solution on a small scale before mixing in large quantities.

Buyer and user assume all risks and liability resulting from handling, storage and use of Wet-Sol Concentrate. The manufacturer does not accept responsibility for factors beyond their control, such as damage caused by spray draft, damge to plants and crops, and other risks associated with the use and application of Wet-Sol Concentrate.