Schaeffer #266 Citrol Concentrate

Schaeffer #266 Citrol Concentrate 1

Schaeffer #266 Citrol Concentrate

Schaeffer #266 Citrol Concentrate

Citrol is a biodegradable, environmentally safe, water soluble, heavy duty, organic citrus base, solvent cleaner and degreaser. It is designed for use in almost any industrial, transportation or general plant maintenance operations as a replacement for hazardous environmentally unacceptable aliphatic, aromativ, chlorinated, fluorocarbon, alkaline, acidic or petroleum solvent base cleaners and degreasers.

Citrol is specially formulated from a combination of organic citrus based solvents and multi-component surfactant-emulsifier system. This unique combination provides Citrol with the ability when mixed with water or used straight to rapidly penetrate and remove a wide range of various soils, dirt and inks.

Citrol's formulation does not contain any unacceptable petroleum distillate, petroleum hydrocarbon, chlorinated or chlorofluorbarbon type solvents, thus making the product environmentally acceptable for use.

Citrol, when used in a concentrated form or at various dilution rates, will rapidly penetrate and lift various petroleum, animal, and vegetable based oils, fats and greases so that they can be easily removed by water rinsing. The oil contaminants in the used Citrol sultion left in a still tank or holding tank or pond after cleaning will rise to the surface and separate from the Citrol solution. This oil can then be removed by top skimming and the bottom layer can be reused or disposed of in accordance with all applicable Local, State and Federal rules and regulations if no longer needed.

Typical Uses:

  • Industrial Plant Degreaser - To degrease mill stands, plant machinery, fork lifts, conveyors, oil cellars, tar pumps, valves
  • Industrial Cleaner - To clean floors, walls, production machinery, mobile equipment
  • In The Shop - To degrease engines, transmissions, motors, housings, parts floor, walls, and to remove road tar and grime from trucks, dozers and tractors
  • Waste Treatment Plants - To degrease, clean and deodorize lift stations, wet wells and walls, catwalks, bar screens, sump pumps, scum pits and troughs, transfer pipes and equipment
  • Food Plants - To degrease floors, walls and production machinery in areas where there is no possibility of contact with food, foodstuffs and packaging
  • Mining Operations - To degrease and remove open gear lubes, dirt and grime from dipper sticks, house rails and rollers, underground equipment and mobile equipment