Schaeffer #700 Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus SAE 15W-40

Schaeffer #700 Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus SAE 15W-40 1

Schaeffer #700 Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus SAE 15W-40

Schaeffer #700 Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus SAE 15W-40

Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus SAE 15W-40 is a premium quality para-synthetic, heavy-duty diesel engine oil formulated to provide improved soot handling capabilities, oxidation resistance and extended wear protection. Supreme 700 Synthetic Plus is recommended for use in all types of diesel engines operating on both less than 500 ppm and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus exceeds the current requirements for API CJ-4 and is particularly suitable for use in 2007 emission compliant engines that utilize heavy EGR and exhaust after-treatment devices such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs) with or without diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs). Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus SAE 15W-40 can also be used in low-emission certified diesel engines that are equipped with EGR, older non-EGR containing diesel engines, off-highway diesel engines that are powered by either high, low or ultra low sulfur diesel fuels, high performance gasoline engines and mixed fleet applications.

Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus SAE 15W-40 is blended from a unique combination of the finest quality severely hydrotreated polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and severely hydrotreated and hydrocracked Group II Plus available. This unique combination provides Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus with the following advantages:

  • Superior cold weather startability and operating characteristics
  • Superior oxidative stability
  • Excellent resistance to thermal degradation
  • Excellent low volatility characteristics that provides exceptional oil consumption control and prevention of the formation of deposits on critical engine parts
  • Lower engine cold cranking and oil pumpability at low temperatures
  • A high viscosity index
  • Low sulfur content - This ensures that exhaust after-treatment devices are protected against catalyst poisoning and accumulation of particulate material, which can lead to reduced engine performance, due to increased backpressure and ultimately the failure of the exhaust after-treatment device
  • Extended oil drain capability and intervals

Blended into the Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus's base stock combination is a balanced proprietary heavy-duty diesel additive technology and a highly shear stable viscosity index improver. This combination provides Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus SAE 15W-40 with the following performance benefits:

  • Excellent wear and deposit control protection
  • Superior thermal and oxidative stability
  • Superior soot busting capabilities to prevent soot build-up and agglomeration
  • Exceptional thermal stability, for outstanding performance at high engine operating temperatures
  • Excellent TBN retention and reserve for effective acid neutralization through out the entire oil drail interval
  • Excellent protection against acidic corrosion of vital engine components
  • Excellent soot dispersancy for protection against soot overloading, increases in viscosity due to soot thickening and soot abrasive wear
  • Enhanced detergency to provide high temperature piston cleanliness and protection against bore polishing and scuffing
  • Increased engine cleanliness
  • Excellent protection against low temperature sludge build-up and high temperature deposits
  • Reduced high temperature carbon build-up - both in single and two-piece pistons
  • Exceptional ring and liner wear protection that results in improved oil consumption control
  • Excellent shear stability for stay-in-grade performance throughout the entire oil drain interval
  • Excellent cold weather startability and pumpability for better cold temperature starts
  • Excellent anti-foaming properties to protect against aeration and foaming
  • Superior low volatility characteristics to control oil consumption
  • Longer filter life expecially at high soot levels for better engine protection
  • Excellent high temperature / high shear performance to provide excellent oil film thickness and engine protection at high operating temperatures and shear rates
  • Exceptional valve-train wear protection expeciall during high soot conditions
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Superb resistance to corrosive and abrasive wear
  • Excellent gasket and seal life
  • Prolonged after-treatment (DPF and DOC) life
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Longer drain intervals for lower overall maintenance costs
  • Increased engine life especially for older model engines and reduced maintenance costs due to downtime
  • Improved engine durability and reliability

Further blended into these synthetic blend base fluids, the highly advanced proprietary low ash performance additive package and shear stability viscosity index improver are two proven frictional modifiers, MicronMoly, a liquid soluble type of Moly and Schaeffer Mfg's own proprietary additive Penetro. These two proven frictional modifies once plated form a long lasting slippery tenacious lubricant film, which prevents the metal surfaces from coming into contact with each other. By preventing metal-to-metal contact, damaging frictional wear is prevented from occuring. This prevention to metal-to-metal contact and reduction in wear results in:

  • Increased fuel economy
  • A low coefficient of friction
  • Significantly less bearing, ring, piston, cylinder and valve-train wear
  • Increased engine efficiency
  • Increased engine durability
  • Increased engine life
  • Less downtime
  • Reduced maintenance