Hobart 7024 Welding Rod

Hobart 7024 Welding Rod 1

Hobart 7024 Welding Rod

Hobart 7024 Mild Steel Electrode - 50 lbs

Hobart 7024 is a newly engineered E7024 electrode designed to provide the user with outstanding "best of class" features in several important areas. 7024 is engineered with a slag system to provide the easiest slag removal in its class and in most cases is self peeling. In addition the slag releases from the entire joint with no slag left in the toes of the joint. Spatter levels are extremely low, better than any other E7024. 7024 has a super smooth soft arc and is less harsh than other E7024 products. 7024 is more forgiving than other E7024 products when the material being welded is moderately rusty or isn't as clean as it should be. 7024 can be used with a drag welding technique and operates equally well on either AC or DC (electrode negative) power. It is exceptionally fast when used down hand in properly designed weld joints or in horizontal fillet welds and can be used in single or multipass applications. DCEN, AC or DCEP current.

Typical Applications

  • Plate fabrication
  • Tank fabrication
  • Barge construction
  • Construction and earthmoving equipment

Available Diameter & Recommended Operating Ranges

  • 5/32 = 180 - 245 amps

Typical Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile Strength (psi) = 76,000
  • Yield Strength (psi) = 68,000
  • Elongation % in 2" = 24%